Instant Pot Vs Slow Cooker

If you are tired of the traditional cooking then you should be familiar with the Instant Pot vs slow cooker which gives an idea to pick the best cooker for you. There is a huge difference between a pressure cooker and a slow cooker.

You’ll learn why should we move to instant pot from a slow cooker by knowing the peculiar features they possess. Let’s get started;

Working  Principle

To cover the most disputed cookers, I’ll start with the basic function behind these cookers. It is directly related to the overall performance.

Instant Pot 

As the name suggests, an instapot requires a high pressure as compared to an ordinary cooker.

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The inside pressure raises by applying a tap over the head of pressure cooker that does not let the vapours to escape from an instant pot. The trapped water vapours help in fast cooking. So, if you want to cook the food in a limited time, you need to move to instant pot.

Slow Cooker


The cooking process of a slow cooker is simple and understandable.  It traps the heat at its bases, and this heat moves upward to cook the food efficiently. A slow cooker is preferable when you have plenty of time. It comes with the temperature setting according to the types of food.

Energy Efficiency

Before using any appliance, we also take into account the energy factor as well.  If the product is consuming more energy, it results in high utility bills. Let’s have a look at the energy efficiency of both cookers.

Instant Pot 

A Instapot cooker is excellent in this regard. According to the recent researches, an instant pot saves up to 70% of the energy which results in low utility bills.

Slow Cooker

As a slow cooker takes about 7 hours depending on the food, it causes great energy to lose. However, you can change the temperature setting from low to high and save some energy. 



Instant Pot 

If we look at the taste deeply, pressure cooker amplifies the taste of food to a great extent. Especially beef, carrot and potatoes give fantastic flavour and smell when they are cooked in a Instapot cooker as it saves the taste within the pot.  Instapot Ultra Vs Duo – Comparison

Slow Cooker

Slow cooker loses the real taste of the food because it takes too much time to cook which results in loss of the taste. However, the curry from the slow cooker is just admirable. 



Time is the most crucial factor that we take into account when we are going to cook any food. It varies in both cookers.  Let’s know how it differs in them

Instant Pot 

Instapot cooker increases the pressure inside the pot that uplifts the temperature to 260 F. When food is cooked at such high temperature, decrease the cooking time by two-thirds. You can cook chicken in just 40 minutes in a pressure cooker which is simply admirable.

Slow Cooker

As the name suggests the slow cooker take more time to cook the same food. It normally takes about seven hours which is tiresome. However, it allows you to set the temperature so that you can have your meal in half time. Prefer slow cooker when you have enough time.

Final Words

Instant Pot are fast and provide good taste as compared to a slow cooker. Pressure cooker comes with additional functions as well such as rice, slow cooker mode and porridge. Go for an instant pot when you have less time and want to cut your utility bills. For an instant pot, you need to be in the kitchen during the entire time which is tiresome. Cheers!


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