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Instant Pot Burn Message, Burn Code, “Instant Pot always says burn” Fix all Errors

Instant Pot Burn Message (Hot, BURN)– Check out all possible Instapot burn error massages i.e. Instant Pot always says burn, Instant Pot hot message, etc. How to fix all Instapot errros.

Instant pot do make your life super easy but only till when they are working fine. The moment you get the instapot burn message, you will end up in “No Man’s Land” because you won’t have any idea where it came from and what to do next.

We have observed that many people are concerned about the instapot burn message, well here are a few mistakes that people make and here are some proposed solutions to avoid this burn message.  If you haven’t purchased the Instant Pot yet, I highly recommend you read my review of instapot.

Reason behind Instant Pot Burn Message & Errors

Instapot Burn Message

Inadequate Amount Of Liquid In The Instant Pot:

Instapot might not be able to generate enough amount of steam. This is because there is not enough thin cooking liquid in your Instant Pot Reviews . There is a possibility that there is no steam that can generate pressure. Also, the bottom region of your pot will become too hot. This is going to trigger the “Burn” code.

This usually happens when you are cooking some food items that are rich in starch. To make sure that you don’t see a “Burn” message, it is a recommendation that you should add up at least 1 cup of water until and unless they get total satisfaction about the pressure satisfaction. 

Use Some Tested Recipes:

It is necessary that you should give recipes using true liquid ratios and tested pressure cooking time until you get comfortable by creating your own techniques.

There Is A Chance That The Instant Pot Is Thick:

If you think that the cooking liquid is too thick, there is a chance that it might not get boiled adequately. There will be heat building up at the bottom region, and it is going to be a problem for the top region to boil. Also, the pot might not be able to reach the appropriate pressure. Hence, this triggers the Burn message on your Instant pot.

To overcome this, you have to make sure that you have some thin liquid present at the bottom of the inner pot of your Instant pot appliance. This is one way to stop displaying the instapot burn message.


Avoid Mixing Thick Sauces:

When cooking your favorite food, make sure that you do not mix any of that thick sauce from your food like tomato sauce or tomato paste. It is a good practice if you would add the sauce on top of the other ingredients of your food.

Because this is a good idea to add sauce on top of your recipe, I would recommend that you should add up tomato sauce or any other sauce or paste on the top layer of the ingredients you have used. Then you can proceed with closing the lid and start using the pressure cooker. This will help you save time on mixing this will help you avoid scorching.

Adding Thickener After Starting Off With Pressure Cooking:

It is a good idea if you would try to add some kind of a thickener like cornstarch, potato starch, arrowroot after you are done with using your pressure cooking process. Always remember that you are supposed to use a very small amount of the above.

For instance, for a certain recipe, the gravy can be thickened after you have added the thickener. This comes after you have started the pressure cooking process.

Following The Pot-in-Pot Method Might Be A Good Idea:

If you are looking forward to prevent scorching by cooking your favorite sauce to scorch out in your pot, you can use a separate utensil like a stainless steel pot.

Using Pressure Cooker To Cook Cream or Milk In The Instant Pot:

Many food items that includes cream or milk products do not work out well in the Instant Pot and create a film at the lower end of the pot that overheats in the inner area of the pot.

To avoid this from happening, make sure that you do not add cream or milk ingredients directly in the inner region of the pressure cooker. To make sure that you get the best results for your cream and milk recipes, add cream or milk-based ingredients after you are done with your pressure cooking

De-glazing The Inner Pot Bottom Is A Bad Idea:

The inner pot region is one amazingly designed things offered for users to saute ingredients in the inner pot directly. When you are a sauteing, you can notice that after sauteing, there are some brown bits that are stuck at the bottom region of the Instant Pot. At this moment, you don’t have to worry about anything. These are not the burnt food debris. These might still have flavor in them, so it is a good practice that you scrub them out. Else, this is going to make the Instant Pot to think that the food or the content inside it to think that the food is burnt.

To make sure that this doesn’t happen to make sure that you deglaze the bottom region of the pot. Do this by pouring some thin cooking liquid. Scrub the brown bits with a wooden spoon. Also, you don’t need to discard the brown bits that carry the flavor of the food.

When You Forget To Seal The Venting Knob:

This is one of the most common mistakes that beginners usually make. When any such activity occurs, there will be more liquid elements that will escape from the pot in the form of steam. This will make an insufficient amount of liquid to stay in the pot.

To overcome this, make sure you make it a habit to seal the venting knob every time. Make sure you start your pressure cooking. Also, make it a practice that you don’t walk until and unless the floating valve gets popped up.

Follow the above-mentioned solutions to make sure that you would get the best results from your instapot. Also, these practices are going to help you avoid getting the Instapot burn message and help you cook your food in a better way for long.

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